Galactic Cubit~ Two dowsers connect to Source and ask for a Cubit length they could use- they received something that works unlike any other Tensor Ring. The Galactic Cubit connects with the Higher Soul Self and works with all of the Soul's Aspect.  At each twist you will find a Tube Torus.  Each individual tube torus pulls in positive and negative energy, sending it out as a non-dualistic energy ~ a whole and complete energy.  These tiny toroids also act as DNA scrubbers. Soul is the consciousness that is in control of frequencies and Light that come through the ring.

61.8728 cm  

This Ring prefers a looser twist than the standard Rings.
The Galactic Cubit measure is the basis to the Ascension Ring. 

Standard Teotihuacan Unit (STU)-  There is much information about this cubit measure: where it came from, the creation of the etheric template, and what it can do.  The Balance and Harmony Ring is the result.  Here are the details.

The Rings cut from this Cubit can be used in 1/4, 1/2, etc., just as standard Tensor Rings,

as well as in the 1/3 increments to create a working Ring. 

41.7086614" or 105.94 cm

This Cubit can be used in creating Straight-Line frequencies. 

Both Harmony and Ascension are created through connecting the energetic aspect of the rings, the Etheric Templates, to the physical ring.  

It is this energetic aspect which give these rings their extraordinary frequencies and properties.


Sacred Measurements 

Sacred Measures

A super simple way to be in the heart,

and have both self and environment energetically clear

is the Golden-light rod attunement video.

Otherwise, the Sacred Space of the Heart is found within most every one of our videos.